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Gain the awareness, clarity, and confidence to create the career you want.


Coaching has proven to be a key resource for optimizing potential for both individual achievement and achieving high-performing, sustainable team excellence.

Unlike other company perks, one-on-one coaching provides a unique opportunity for employees to build greater self-awareness to help promote positive, sustained changes in their careers and lives.


My one-on-one coaching sessions all held virtually. I will help you get clarity on your goals, build greater self-awareness, identify a clear path forward and build the confidence to advance in your career. 


With the structured process of group coaching, companies can build a supportive community and intimate conversation space with specific cohorts, while deepening awareness around key issues, a bias toward action, peer-to-peer learning and accountability.

Examples include Women in Engineering, Working Mom's and Emerging Leaders.


1-hour virtual interactive workshops designed to help you gain confidence, new skills and community to help you succeed in your role. Includes self-reflection, partner work, group discussion and ideation. 

  • Self-Advocacy Masterclass

    • Shift your perception of achievement to improve your own well-being and, learn how to build a practice of owning (and sharing) your achievement to help you advance in your career. Ensure your impact is known and visible to the people that matter.

  • The Career Pivot Masterclass

    • Apply design thinking to career development to build clarity, confidence and immunity to failure.​

  • The Forem's Building an Authentic Personal Brand: Masterclass

    • Get clarity on your strengths, passions, and hidden talents, and learn how to effectively communicate these to others (on the reg!). Become known for the things you want to be known for.

  • The Forem's "Level Up": A Career Advancement Bootcamp 

    • A 4-week crash course in the skills to advance in our career.​

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